Car air conditioning

We want you to breathe easy

A car air conditioning system should be serviced every two year or every 30 000 miles which ever comes first. When was your air conditioning unit last serviced?

Have you noticed musty smells or unpleasant odours when you get into your car or when you switch on the heating or air conditioning? have you suffered from sore throats, flu like symptoms or allergic reactions?

If you have, the problem could be caused by the year round build up of germs, bacteria, mould, spores and fungi within your air conditioning/ventilation system.

During the summer or winter your vehicle air-conditioning and heating system will generate and retain condensation. This environment provides an ideal breeding ground for those unwanted illness aggravating foreign bodies.


A typical air-conditioned car has up to 10,000,000 more micro-organisms in the heating system than a normal car. Due to their size the micro-organisms can pass through filters with little difficulty.

So, whether you’re cooling in summer or heating in winter, contaminated particles will be blown into the vehicle passenger compartment.

Because of this, vehicle manufacturers recommend users have their vehicle disinfected and protected against bacterial re-growth once a year.

For a modest fee we will extract old gas from the air-conditioning/heating system, disinfect it and refill it with gas so you can breathe easily again.


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