Meet Miss Millie

Not a Barn find but….

Miss Millie

As close to it as it could be in Jersey, Miss Millie used to belong to an older lady who sadly passed away, having stored her for a few years in her garage. Miss Millie was left to the lady’s granddaughter who, at university in the UK did not have the inclination to keep her.  This is when Debbie came in and made an offer on Miss Millie. Offer accepted, Miss Millie came to spend some time with the Chevron Team.

Miss Millie arrived on the back of a truck, delivered to the garage door, and underwent a thorough inspection from Chris who diagnosed her condition and reported back to Debbie for work approval. Once all was agreed, work started.


And the surgery started

The first thing to do was to separate Millie from her chassis and give her a brand spanking new one,  following this, Chris decided to treat the bad case of rusty-itis that was plaguing Millie’s foot plates and had to perform surgery to cut the areas affected and wield new panels in.As this is not cosmetic surgery, it did take him a while but the results were worth it.

And finally….

A couple of months, later, Millie was ready to go home, all put back together and engine running smoothly making that distinctive 2cv purring that we all love. Debbie came to pick her up to drive her home and start her life as a 2cv owner. We wish her a lot of fun and smiles and have warmed her to expect a lot of friendly waves from strangers as she drives along the Jersey lanes.