Meet the team

We are a small but extremely qualified and experienced team.

The Boss : Chris Nicolas

If he acts like one we have to call him that, he doesn’t sing like Bruce Springsteen but he does own the place…  Chris is a wizard with the technical & electrical parts of any cars and his dogged determination and willingness to find out what causes an engine to misbehave is renowned. There isn’t many things that Chris can’t fix and if he can, he will get your car back on the road.

Chris has a passion for all things Citroen but his heart is dedicated to the 2cv and in his spare time he is re-building himself one.




Sanchez: Tony Jeanne

Tony has been a valued member of the team for more years than I can remember, his cheery disposition and cheesy mustache are parts of the furniture at the garage. Tony has years of experience repairing engines and servicing cars with us.  A keen fisherman, he is not given to exaggeration at all …

Tony’s favourite car is the mini, the smaller mini(older) the better for him, which is a good thing as we have a few mini owners who know their pride and joy are well looked after with us.



The Receptionist: Chris Farnham

Chris joined us in 2017, he is probably the first person you will speak to or see when you contact us. We head-hunted Chris for his outstanding customer services skills and years of experience working in the motor industry. Chris is a wizard with the computers and uses the internet to source parts needed to undertake repairs at a reasonable rate.





The Non-human: the Answer phone

An important piece of kit who comes out to play when we are too busy to answer the phone or simply not in the office (especially between 1 and 2 ). So please, don’t be shy and leave us a message, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

However, please be aware that the answerphone can be temperamental and garble some of the messages, so speak clearly and don’t forget to leave your name and telephone number…




The Invisible woman: Murielle Nicolas

Murielle is hardly seen at the garage, she comes now and then to back up the computers and does most of her work from a remote location. Murielle looks after our HR, website, policies and other horrible administrative tasks that needs to be done to keep the States happy. She will only contact you if you forget to pay your bill, so I hope you won’t get a letter from her…

Murielle is also a 2cv fanatic and has a red and white Dolly that she spends far too much money on!