Proud to support the 2cv de Jersey club

The 2cv de Jersey club was formed in September 2015, and as most of its members were already customers of Chevron, it was only fair to support them.  Murielle soon joined them and recruited more customers for us, she likes to keep us busy and out of mischief !

They are a very friendly bunch, as quirky as their cars (2cv, mehari, etc…) and will make anyone feel welcome, you don’t even have to own a 2cv to go and chat with them. A love of the little car is all you need, in fact you might also get offered a ride if you go see them when they are about to set off on their monthly drive.

For details of their monthly drive, please check their website.

To contact them, you can call Murielle on 07797 728 168 or Peter on 07797 738072